Saturday, December 15, 2007

Andrew's Waldorf Doll....

So i finally finished Andrew's doll this week, by finally making him some clothing. I originally blogged about making his doll in my Myspace blog... which you can find here:

So, here is the doll, in all his glory, as well as a picture i took of Elizabeth's nearly finished doll... she needs just hair now.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Slow Cooker Play Silks

Well, i'm doing it - testing my playsilk dying in the crockpot!! I started out this am with putting the new blanks from Dharma in the washer to make sure there was no fingerprints, oils, etc. I had 6 of the 35" square and 12 of the 11" square blanks. I'm testing with 2 of the 11" squares (since i have more to "spare"!)

So i washed (didn't dry them though - since i was just going to put them in more water!) and stuck them in the crockpot with some water and set it on HIGH.

So i let that heat up almost 1 hour. Just before the hour was up, i boiled some water and added some Wilton's red-red icing dye (a couple of "knife" tips full of dye) and mixed in a cup of boiling water . The added it to the pot

Waited another near hour and checked. It wasn't getting a nice deep red, so using the suggestions i've seen for wool yarn dying, i decided to use 2 cheery and 1 black cherry packet. 30 minutes later (so 90 minutes from original dye added), i toss in the kool-aid (pre-mixed with boiling water in a mug).

It's SOOOOO much darker! 15 minutes after adding the kool-aid, i added in 1/4 cup vinegar. I then set a timer for 1 hour past adding the vinegar to check how much of the dye was absorbed.

ok - all finished dying. Here it is after i rinsed it in the sink!

and an outside pic - shows it's true color better then the inside one

I love how the color came out - it is still really nice and RED, not pink and the color is uniform. But somehow there is a HUGE difference in size now on only 1 of the silks (2 inch difference from side to side, and up/down). Also, one of the seams in the large silk started coming undone... i believe from the dryer. Next time, i'll hang to dry.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Where to begin

So i started this blog, nearly 2 months ago now i think, to "post" my crochet to the world. Why - goodness only knows. So, here is my most recent work.... Patterns were a mix of freebies and a couple bought from Etsy.



Fruit and veggies



Sandwich with strawberries and baby carrots