Monday, February 2, 2009

CSA... for sheep?

Now my title might through you off a bit. But alas - if you have never heard of a CSA - let me start there. CSA (which is short for Consumer Supported Agriculture) is general a farm or such that you buy shares of, that you then receive shares of in terms of produce. This is usually done on a weekly basis, and is a great way to support your local farms and farmers.

Well, now something new i've only recently heard of, that other fribe loving people might enjoy - a CSA where your share is helping to buy/care for sheep, and in return, getting back wool yarn or roving.

If you'd love to read more about 1 such CSA, you can check out THIS BLOG about the Serenity Sheep Farm, located in Montana, USA.

If you are interested in buying a share, or other fiber related items, they also have a Etsy shop.