Friday, July 10, 2009

A leave of absance

Well, at least this time i am warning everyone!

I'll be offline starting next week, and likely for 2 weeks after that. Not only will i be starting my new job, but we also are leaving this apartment, and will be crammed into a tiny efficiency for the summer. It will not be ideal, but it will work, and hoping to have lots of weekend camping going on to get out of the tiny space.

We will have phone/internet there though - but it will take time to move over... so i hope I'll be able to update here by WIP Wednesday on the 24th!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WIP Wednesday: Where I've been


So, you may have noticed the last couple of Wednesdays, My lack of posting (basically, since my first WIP Wednesday post!). We've had the fortunate event of visiting family that came from out of state at my in-laws, my brother's wedding, father's day, kindergarten graduation... all in all, no time for crafting.

But here we are back again, today just some yarn and fabric for some items I'm starting for a swap, gnomes and crayon rolls.

I hope to update on my gnomes and rolls next week, but may be offline for a couple of weeks after that, more family visiting, camping....