Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WIP Wednesday - Joining the crew

OK - so in attempts to revive my blog, I'm going to try what i've seen around called WIP Wednesday. Here's the blurb about it from Musings From the Fishbowl : W.I.P. (Work In Progress) Wednesday is a fun and stress-free opportunity for you to share whatever your crafty little self is working on with the rest of the blogging community. You are invited to showcase a project you’re beginning, working on, or maybe even finished with. There is no skill or talent-level requirement and you can share anything in any medium!

So here is my current WIPs.

This is the doll cardigan pattern that was featured in the winter issue of Living Crafts, by Waldorf Mama. I'm making this for my youngest daughter for her birthday this month (plus a new doll outfit, and fixing her doll's face - the mouth has come undone).

And here is the Jack Skellington I started for my husband as a Father's Day present. He loves the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas so this was a perfect item for him.
I also found a pattern to make Zero, Jack's "dog" to go along with Jack. I did make a few changes from the original pattern, and I think for the most part, it's coming out great!

The patterns for these are both on Ravelry for those who are interested.