Monday, March 4, 2013

Menu Planning Monday - March 4th

As some may have noticed, I had been taking a bit of break from blogging the last couple of weeks. It's been insane here (hmm, this isn't called the Chaotic Homemaker for nothing!). In addition to working, we've had our 14th wedding anniversary, both mine and my husband's birthdays, Girl Scout cookie sale for my 2 troops and my son participating in Cub Scouts pinewood derby have left me a little deflated in doing much else. But the birthdays and anniversary is past, and pinewood derby is over for us for the year and cookie sales are winding down. Thankfully I have kept up with my menu planning through all this, even when I haven't blogged about it.

This is a relatively calm week for me. Just cub scouts and bell choir between now and the weekend, which is of course full of things for us to do. 3 cookie booths and a cub scout lock in, plus playing hand bells in church and the start of Girl Scout week!

Without further ado...

Monday - Grilled sandwiches, bread sticks and soup
Tuesday - Fend-For-Yourself night
Wednesday- Baked ziti with salad
Thursday - Sausages
Friday - Fish fry (from wegmans)
Saturday - Pizza
Sunday - Baked teriyaki chicken (and quorn "chicken" breast), with rice and broccoli

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