Monday, September 13, 2010

Menu Planning Monday - September 13th

Our first full week of school finally - and hoping we can start getting back into a regular routine around here. I have bell choir re-starting this week, and Lexi while forgoing Girl Scouts this year, may do 4H, as well as numerous clubs at school she is interested in. We haven't had a real routine in about 14 months now (we had a few, small routines at the tiny efficiency). I'm also trying to figure out a location still to put up our nature tables so we can have it ready for the autumn equinox in just over 1 week! YIKES!

After not having a range for so long, I'm just NOW getting into using it... timidly though. It's older, and there is no pilot light for the oven part at all (so i always have to use the lighter stick), and the ranges on top are known to not light all the time. Plus, a mice is on the smaller oven 1/2, so i don't dare use it! I love that it's a huge side-by-side oven, but I may start pricing gas ovens here shortly, for my piece of mind.

Sunday: Incredibly Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf and mashed potatoes

Monday: Chicken tenders and french fries

Tuesday: Pasta night

Wednesday: leftover night

Thursday: Soup and bread sticks

Friday: Pierogies

Saturday: Just the kids and I, Maybe I'll make something cool!

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