Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WIP Wednesday - A Handmade Holiday for 2010

As the title of my post might suggest, I am going to attempt to make it an handmade holiday for our family this year. This will be a rather huge undertaking considering that 1) it's mid-September and I haven't started yet! and 2) IT'S MID-SEPTEMBER AND I HAVEN'T STARTED YET! AM I CRAZY?!?!?

Yes (and I prefer it that way).

I do think that my oldest and husband might try to buck this a bit, so in fairness, my daughter's birthday (only 26 days before Christmas) will not be handmade items (she's 11 going on 20 some days, I swear it). For dad/husband, I can honestly say at this point - I'm clueless as to giving him gifts, so we'll just have to play that be ear (though i do have some idea for handmade items for him).

I've done a mostly handmade holidays before (2007 & 2008), but I'm going to try for 100% here this year. It all started when reading one of my favorite blogs (Frontier Dreams) and seeing the button for Handmade Holiday 2010. I followed to that link, and as they say, the rest is history.

So - my WIP right now is more of a battle plan! My goal is to use as much of my crafting supplies that I already have (loads of yarn, flannel, etc). Realistically, I know that for some gifts I have planned, I will need some supplies. I actually want to post out my intended gifts, with links to any patterns or tutorials that I use. (maybe even coming to do that later tonight, when the insomnia hits me anyways). My beginning list of gifts to make is at the very bottom of this post (web ones i can link, books ones will come later). Call it my accountability in following through with my plan here.

So that's it (for now) for my WIP post. I can't wait to get started on this. I'm really excited about it! And other then finishing a prayer shawl (I know, I know) and sewing a couple of Halloween costumes, This will be my mega WIP from now until Christmas.

If you would like more information on Wip Wednesday, click the image at the top of this post. For more information Handmade Holiday 2010, please click the button on the right side of my blog.

Fabric Doll House - I plan on making 2 of these, 1 for each of my 2 youngest.

Notebook and Pencil Holder - 3 of these, at least. One for each of my children (maybe for the nieces and nephews too, I have LOADS of ideas for them all!)

I-Spy Bag - For the youngest, the only one who doesn't already have one (and is always taking his sisters!).

Flower Stix (video tutorial in Spanish) - For the oldest (this maybe the 1 thing I bought handmade as opposed to making it, if the rubber becomes hard to find).

Day to Night Reversible Tote Bag: For the 2 youngest (I hope this makes ALL our morning and night transitions easier!) They will likely get them Christmas eve (stuffed with new PJs, a tradition for us).

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