Thursday, April 26, 2012

Keep Calm, Craft On

This post has been sitting in my drafts for 3 days now, so I figured I may as well finish it up - right?

I am sorry to say that I have no photo of my project this week, as we have had rain the last 5 days straight. No complaints, we really needed it.

Anyways - I am slowly but surely working on a Wonderful Wallaby for Andrew (link is to my Ravelry project page)

I'm finally to the part where the placket is forming, but we haven't divided to create the opening yet that will lead into the neck and then hood. I've pretty much been at this point since early October (I always seem to have a post-holiday lull in crafting, I just can't do it)

At any rate, I hope that MAYBE I will have to done for his birthday... in mid-June (that's just shy of 2 months, do able - right? maybe....)

Sadly, the knit horse I was working on my last KCCO post is sitting unfinished - i keep getting distracted while sewing the seams and am only about 1/4 of the way done sewing the seams so i can stuff, make ears, add the mane... Elizabeth knows what is coming and it's for her, maybe I'll have hers done for her birthday too (late-mid June)

That's it - hopefully I'll have more progress (and pictures!) next time!

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