Monday, April 16, 2012

Menu Planning Monday - April 16th

A lot of people I see in my day-to-day life ask me about menu planning, so today this post is for them. 

Menu planning is awesome! It has helped me to stream line my grocery shopping list and helps cut down on cost and waste. I check out the weather so I don't try panning too many heavy, hot meals if the weather is going to be nice, or vice versa. Menu planning also helps me to simplify the evening and leaves me with ideas for dinner when dinner time rolls around, rather then having everyone ask "mom, what's for supper?" when they are already starving. I order out less, and cook more. But when I first started menu planning, I completely stressed out when dinner plans didn't turn our perfectly as planned for, I was one seriously stressed out mama.

I recently posted on my personal Facebook wall that "being a mom means being flexible". I think that especially is true when it comes to meal times and coordinating everyone's schedules, with work, activities and sports. With my young, busy family, we are often on the go more then not, especially during the week.

So I'm learning to be flexible. So while I do show what days of the week I try to have specific meals panned for, more often then not things happen. The meat isn't thawed, someone finished the last of the bread (or milk, etc), or a last minute unknown activity calls us away from home. So we often have meals on different days, or something altogether entirely different (you're starving now and want cereal for dinner? sure!). This is why you may see a lot of repeated menu ideas from me from one week to the next - chances are we didn't have that meal and I still have most everything I need to prepare it!

So if are you curious about menu planning and if it will work for you, I saw give it a try! It doesn't matter if you are a family or 1 or 2, or a family of more! Even just for a week or 2 and see if it helps make meal times more pleasant for you and your family.

So - without further ado, here is our plan for the week!

Monday - BLTs
Tuesday - Big breakfast night - french toast, fruit, sausage, etc...
Wednesday - Pasta night - baked ziti with salad
Thursday - YOYO - you're on your own
Friday - Grilling - "anything we can toss on their grill to eat"
Saturday - Pizza night
Sunday - We just haven't decided yet, we may go out.

As always, make sure to check out I'm an Organizing Junkie for more menu planning ideas!


  1. I quite often copy and paste a meal from one week's menu to the next... it seems like there's always one night that doesn't go according to plan, or, we just don't feel like eating that meal on that night. I keep some extra options in the freezer for those nights. :)

  2. We have to have a breakfast night too! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Lisa Marie

  3. We have been horrible at planning the last few months. It makes life so much better when your not all staring at each other cranky and starving at 7pm wondering what to make for dinner.
    Also easier on a tight budget too, going to the store every night is spendy and not fun at all.