Monday, May 25, 2015

Menu Planning Monday - May 25th

Much like the blogging, I haven't been menu planning as much, and the chaos from not having a plan is evident. It also involved my kids asking me a thousand times, in a span of a couple of minutes, what is dinner that night. *sigh*

Just recently as of this week, menu planning is getting trickier, as my youngest daughter has decided to go vegan. She's all but jumping in "cold turkey", just whatever we have left at home for milk/cheese/eggs, after that's gone, no more. She was the same when she went vegetarian 3 years ago. The oldest wants to slowly change over too (she's being more flexible then her sister in transiting, eliminating 1 specific food item/group at a time). I'm ok with it, as I've been (very slowly) leaning that way myself. Thankfully my son rarely eats meat already, and my husband will eat just about anything vegan or not, The girls do realize that even if daddy eats vegetarian/vegan at home, he may not while we are out (at family/friends, restaurants, etc). At this time, I suspect I will still be buying my son and husband regular milk and cheese.

Monday - Memorial Day - BBQing steaks, hot dogs, italian sausage, and vegetarian sausages, pasta salad

Tuesday - BLTs (with either real bacon and real mayonnaise, or vegetarian bacon and nayonase)

Wednesday - Pasta night

Thursday - French toast casserole (using the last of the eggs we have on hand, likely will not be buying anymore)

Friday - Fend-For-Yourself night

Saturday - Pizza night (homemade, using daiya cheese)

Sunday - "chik'n" fajitas

Be sure to check back with me next monday to see how we are doing transitioning to a vegan household - and be sure to check out I'm an Organizing Junkie for more menu planning tips and ideas!

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