Monday, May 25, 2015

Oh blog, how I have been neglecting you....

If it helps any, it HAS been weighing on my mind, how I've seem to let life get away while this blog has been sitting around collecting dust, so to speak.

Before I jump back into blogging, I thought I'd post a recap:

I should have know it was going to be a crazy school year with the way things started. I started college classes less than 2 weeks after graduating from practical nursing school - before even sitting for the license exam! The kids also started school too, I posted a sweet picture of my son after his first day back. I thought it was so sweet he was all tucked out trying to get back into a school routine. Long story short - 36 hours after I took that photo we were in his doctor's office, with a suspected cause of Lyme disease. He was started on antibiotic treatment and they took blood to test, and he did come back with a positive for Lyme test result. Thankfully, we caught it very early (about 3-4 weeks from when we suspect he was bitten by a tick) so he shouldn't have any lifelong, chronic issues.

After we got over the initial Lyme hurdle, the girls came down with the stomach bug, J lost his job on Veteran's day, the car was in and out of the shop for various power issues. Lizzie developed pneumonia, Andrew got the flu (and had various illness (unexplained fevers, leg pain, stomach issues, etc) since diagnosed with Lyme). J got a new job, Alexis had tendonitis in her left wrist, and just as soon as that was healed, broke her right forearm. I've interviewed numerous times for various nursing positions, and haven't had any lucky, expect for a 1 week camp nurse position I will have at the end of June (and so looking forward to it!). I finished my spring semester of classes and trying to decide if I should start applying to RN programs now, or wait till Alexis graduates from high school so I'm not in nursing school her senior year.

I also passed the licensing exam for practical nurse

Alexis was confirmed in Church

Elizabeth took a more active role in advocating for herself (orange and blue for psoriasis awareness!)

Andrew learned how to ride a 2 wheel bike without training wheels

And we got 2 new cats, Pepper and Toothless (littermates). 

I think that's about it - though of course there is always more, that pretty much sums up the past 9-10 months for us! I'll be working to update the blog more regularly now, and will be updating the college header (it's about 2 years old!) with some fresh photos. For now, I'm more looking forward to a calmer, if still busy summer of summer camps, travel soccer, and hopefully visiting family and friends. 

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