Sunday, April 10, 2011

Playing catch up...

That's what i feel like i need to do on this blog. Play catch up.
Oh blog, I've been ignoring you for oh so long... I need to stop that!

So, let's do a little time line here and just move on...

Jan-Feb - was in Physical therapy for the knee issues

Feb - wedding anniversary (12 years!), husband's birthday, kid's spent February break at their grandparent's house, I have knee surgery

March - recoverying from surgry, my birthday, calendar start of spring, pull oldest daughter from public school and start homeschooling

Now: homeschooling the oldest and trying to decide options for next year, spring cleaning, and soon, Easter!

So yeah, that's it all for right now. The knee is doing great (I'll save what happened in surgery for another time), stairs/kneeling are the 2 things I can't really do yet. But I'm moving great otherwise and can almost chase the kids again! Good thing, as the weather is improving, I'll need to chase them down!

So this is me re-re-recommitting to keeping this blog updated!
tomorrow look for a muffin tin monday and menu planning monday post!

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