Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday - The Home Edition

So long now since I have done a WIP Wednesday posting! I really hope to get back into this more regularly now.

So this weeks WIP is a of the home improvement kind. We are painting and getting carpeting for the living room. When we move in here, the tile was already badly deteriorated, and only became worse over the winter.

So we've pulled up the tile, and cheap (nasty) chip board under lament.

(pulling up tile)

(half the tile/chip board up)

And this weekend will be filling in holes and painting the walls (I'm going to do trim later)

With any luck, I'll paint the dinning room as well. Well, maybe next week, as the carpet will be here next Thursday!

So that is it for the WIP right now. As we had into more spring like weather, there will be lots more to share!

A list of follow WIP Wednesday participates can be found on Shelly's website, Musings From the Fishbowl - so check it out!

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