Monday, May 30, 2011

Menu Planning Monday - May 30th

So, another week, another menu. We're getting close to the end of the public school year, so soon I'll be planning all meals out for the summer (it helps, really, so that kids know what NOT to sneak off with if they want their meals!). I'll likely include a snack list as well. We also seem to be keeping our 2 predictable evenings, Wednesday nights for pasta, Saturday nights for pizza. I grew up with this pattern too, I didn't realize it until a couple nights ago! Hoping once bell choir is done until fall, we can break that habit up a bit more.

And as par for course, it's proving to be a very busy end to the school year, and start of summer. We have something almost every day and/or evening, and next Saturday I'm not sure I'll be home until dinner time! It's a crazy, but good, thing :)

And today is Memorial Day, so I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday, and for those with family members in the service (home or aboard), thank you and them for their service to our country.

Monday: Steak and hot dogs on the grill, corn

Tuesday: Chef salad

Wednesday: Pasta night

Thursday: Chicken and rice

Friday: Breakfast

Saturday: Pizza night (not sure how we'll do this yet. But it's an on the go day, so MAYBE ordering in?)

Sunday: Pot Luck at a friends house (oh, what to MAKE?!?)

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