Monday, September 19, 2011

It's been a chaotic life!

The title for my blog has been really on spot as of lately, as proven with my lack of posting on here.

Here's a quick run down on the last couple of weeks events

~Started painting the girls bedroom
~8 yo old's first horseback riding lesson
~Start of school (all kids are full day now)
~Rally day (start of the Sunday school year. This year I'm "in charge" of acolytes)
~First mid-week kids church group
~Restart of handbell choir (YAY!!), and decisions about joining choir
~More horseback riding for the 8 yr old
~Oldest started Lacrosse camp
~A meeting with a 3rd grade teacher

and coming up is 3 open houses (cause none of the kids attend the same school, of course), pictures days, first school dance of the year, more lacrosse, more horseback riding, thinking I should find something for Andrew if the girls get to do a sport each, knitting and crocheting Christmas gifts, helping out at church when I can (fall rummage sale anyone?), looking for a job and trying to keep our home running smoothly with everyone's schedules being as hectic as they are


I promise to get back in this space posting more regularly. really... i mean it this time :)

Until then - i hope everyone is having a happy chaotic start to autumn!!

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