Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Keep Calm and Craft On

It feels a while since I shared any of my crafting, I was on "super secret mode" for holiday gifts... which sadly, didn't work out the way I wanted. Perhaps because I waited too long to start them?) However, I did get a bit of crafting time in over the holiday week, making a very special doggie his own warm sweater for winter!

I used a free pattern from the Lion Brand yarn website called Flower Garden Dog Sweater (ravelry link). I obviously left the flowers off of it from this dog (male), but I could see how they would be a nice addition for a girl dog sweater. I went with acrylic yarn for this, as I imagine it will be washed frequently! The yarn color is Lion's Brand Hometown USA, super bulky weight in a color called Forth Worth Blue. The photos makes it look weird, as I used flash for the 1 photo, and not the others!

Since Jumper is a Jack Russel Terrier, a sweater is pretty much a necessary here during upstate New York winter (of which we have some real snow for this year!). And since it's a nice dark color, I won't "lose him" in the snow! While a "tight" fit in these photos, it has stretched a bit since then, even though I used 1 hook size smaller then called for. I imagine if I make this again, I would take it in further still, esp on the back piece.

No linking this week, but I wanted to share this so I can move onto a non-holiday crafting posts next week! You can see Nicole's fabulous mama made gifts will over to Frontier Dreams!

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