Monday, October 11, 2010

Menu Planning Monday - October 11th

My knee feels to be improving. I'm being conscience of how I'm walking, and trying to not hobble so much - and it seems to be helping. I'll know officially if I tore something, after my MRI (hoping they tell me there, and I don't have to wait to see the jerk Orthopedic surgeon again).

So, my move, push, to being more healthy. I'm going to try and include walking (and hopefully sooner rather then later, running) to my days. I have 3 hours of "alone time" Monday - Friday, I am sure i can fit in 3 days of walking/running (when i am able) in there! I'll be blogging that separately from this blog (which is mostly for my creative endeavors)... you can view that blog here: I Move

On the menu this week (and not ordering out like we did 2 times out of the last week)...

Monday: Italian sausages (mine is a vegetarian one) on a whole wheat roll, and a veggie platter to much on

Tuesday: Turkey Taco Wraps (I'll be having salad and a left over vegetarian sausage)

Wednesday: Pasta night (just plain old shells and jar sauce)

Thursday: Chicken fajitas

Friday: Left over night!

Saturday: Pita pocket personal pizza (decorate your own night!)

Sunday: Slow Cooker Ham and Mashed Potatoes (not sure what I'll be eating, but it won't be salty ham, and I dislike the texture of mashed, so i may do a baked potato for me)

I am also going to attempt to make my own whole wheat flour tortillas this week (though I did buy a package of them as a back up for Tuesday at least), and maybe finally get around to making some pear-sauce for canning... and baking some cookies for coffee hour at church.

Make sure you check out I'm an Organizing Junkie for more links to menu planning ideas!!

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  1. Slow cooker ham sounds like a winner to me! Yum!

    Great menu plan--thanks for sharing. I hope you'll stop on over and visit over at Free 2 Be Frugal soon.