Thursday, October 7, 2010

An update, and frustration....

*disclaimer: I am not using names, please don't ask.

So, yes I haven't posted here in nearly 2 weeks. Well, my menu, but not a real post.

As I may have mentioned in other posts, I somehow hurt my knee camping in July. Oh man did it HURT then! It started to get better over the summer, and with my Doctor having some screwy summer hours, didn't feel I needed to go in right away, seeing as I had to see him for my thyroid check up anyways. I re-hurt my knee about a week and a half before my appointment, I knew it had to be something more then just me being a wimp over a sprain or such.

So I did bring up the pain issue then, and he believes I have a torn meniscus. Basically, torn cartilage in the knee, and referred me to an Orthopedic surgeon.

Whom I saw and meet today.

Now, everyone local asked who I was seeing and they all have fabulous things to say to be about the surgeon. Even my own Doctor had his torn meniscus fixed by this very man. Apparently I was seeing one of the best locally I could see, and for that I was most happy. Until I met the guy.

Now, first, let me stress that I DO know I am overweight, obese in fact. This very fact does not escape me. The fact I am working towards losing weight (I had lost 25, almost 30 pounds) before being derailed by my knee, frustrates me, to NO end. I DO know that being obese increase the risks for many things, included various diseases, illness and conditions.

So to have some Orthopedic Surgeon tell me that I need to lose weight because I WILL get diabetes and heart disease, and that my weight is why my knee is shot, that it is making my knock knees even WORSE (I have knock knees, this is news to me), and that I should have Bariatric surgery done...

yeah... I'm pissed.

Dude - you meet me for 10 minutes. You do not know me, my history, and what, if any medical issues I have (just the thyroid, really. I just had lab work and the rest looks beautiful!!). And even worse, when I stood up for myself against your "fat attack", you tried to play it down and just talk about the "mechanics" of being so heavy does to my body.

YOU started the damn argument, and by golly I WILL have my say in it.

He didn't like it when I told him, under no uncertain circumstances would I ever have Bariatric surgery (I'm not 100% against it in general, I am 100% against it FOR ME). He acted like I signed my own death certificate. I am not kidding when I say this. He all but SAID that HIMSELF.

Basically I had to totally advocate for my own care. I had to tell him about my primary Doctor's opinion/diagnosis about my knee (the tear) to which he agreed to have an MRI to make sure there is no tear there. He kept stressing how my weight is making the knock knees worse, and that they really no longer do surgery to correct it, and that even if they did, I am a special high risk person to even have surgery... but if there is a tear that going in laparoscopically might be ok to fix a tear.

Dude, I just want to be mobile again.

Add in that he had to put in his 2 cents on what he thought about my husband (who is also overweight, and losing), really did it for me in hating this guy. Sorry, but this appointment was about ME and my KNEE, not my husband and his weight!

So there is it. I go for a MRI next week, and the following week I see him again for a follow up to that. Really, I am HOPING and PRAYING there is no tear, so I can be DONE seeing this doctor.

And now, that I have some insight to my knees, that maybe its the misalignment of my knee causing pain, I'm going to buy one of those braces from the store, and maybe even a new pair of sneakers.

So yeah, for everyone who loved this guy, must have loved him cause a) thy are of normal/average weight or b) didn't really deal with his "bedside manner" and maybe he just a really excellent surgeon.


I will get in shape, I will be healthier... if nothing else then to shut up ignorant, arrogant, assuming pricks, like the Orthopedic I saw today.

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