Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I feel as if I have been neglecting this place for a long while now. Not intentionally, just that life has been busy. It happens when you add in a part time job, responsibilities to church, scouting, etc; and 3 very active children. I know I'm not the only one who is losing track of days and time in the attempt to keep everything running like a smooth ship at home. Somethings have gone to the wayside, this blog being one of them it seems.

But, as we begin our 3rd month of the school year, everything seems to finally be finding it's nitch. Scouting meetings for all 3 kids have somehow miraculously happen to not overlap, and I am still able to find the 1 hour a week to play in my church's handbell choir (a nice mid-week respite for me). Liz is back to riding horses on Saturdays, Lex should be starting winter/indoor track soon (currently recovering from a concussion from a hit to the head in gym class), and Andrew is anxious to find some place to play indoor soccer, but happy to finally be old enough to be busy in Cub scouts for the time being.

We are so blessed.

So I'm going to make attempts to come here at least once a week, besides the Menu Planning Monday posts (sadly, even those seem to have been on the back burner). I miss posting here, and now that I seem to have sorted out how to write posts a head of time to publish later (who knew?!?!) perhaps I can be a presence here more often.

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