Saturday, December 29, 2012

A free gift from MyMemories!

Everyone once in a while I get emails with links to free items from the MyMemories website store. I finally figured out how to sort all the spam I get, and lo and behold, I had a new email with freebies from them! The link to the downloads are good through January 14th, after that, they will still be available, but not for free.

This emails freebies seem very spot on for this time of year. I don't know about anyone else, but my gift to other is often my baking. I baked about 6 different kinds of cookies, as well as 2 different kinds of fudge. This freebie is a slice of pie box! I haven't tried them myself yet (post-holidays and my printer ink is too low!), but I imagine that printing on nice thick card stock would yield a nice sturdy box to gift someone a slice of pie.

Free online tutorial can be found here: Pie Box Tutorial

And here is the links to the pie boxes (there are 3 seperate links, 2 different boxes at each. The preview for Sweet sensation is the same as Just Us, but at the download site you'll see it's different)

Forever Bumble Pie Box

Just Us Pie Box

Sweet Sensation Pie Box

If you happen to NOT have the MyMemories Suite software yet (which just upgraded to version 4!), you can now purchase the software for $39.97. But if you use my code at check out (STMMMS37602), you'll receive $10 off the cost of the software, AND receive $10 to use at the online store! (if you have a previous version of MyMemories, you can upgrade for just $19.97, I'm not sure if you can use my code at checkout, I'll find out and update here). 

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