Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Keep Calm and Craft On

There has been quiet the bug running through our home this week. Alexis has some sort of infection, that, with exception to having clear lung sounds, would other wise be pneumonia. And poor Elizabeth actually has pneumonia. Then I have some sort of viral bug that makes me wish I could just stay in bed all day.

Sadly, this has sidelined much crafting this week, to my dismay. Thankfully, some knitting has found it's way into my hands this week, a perfect little project for this time of year.

A simple winter hat, being made for Elizabeth, who apparently outgrew the wool one I had knit a couple years ago (umm, it maybe have felted and shrunk in the wash). This one I'm making with acrylic yarn, doubled up, so we can avoid any further "oops" with wool items.

The giraffe fat quarter behind the knitting is there not just to hide my desktop, but will also be made into a couple of gifts for the eldest for Christmas. What, i can't share quiet yet... I'm not sure if she has found her way to reading this blog yet for gifting clues - lol.

Once again, I'm linking up over with Nicole and the rest of the gang over at Frontier Dreams

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