Sunday, May 2, 2010

From the blog of "Green and Crunchy"... a combo giveaway!

In my own blogging absence, I've been reading many blogs about food, for recipes, etc. What can i say - food interests me (and a tad bit of an unhealthy obsession at times).

My newest blog obsession find, Green and Crunchy, is hosting an excellent giveaway from Xagave. The giveaway is for a 25oz bottle of their organic Agave, as well as a recipe book!

From Xagave's website:

“Xagave is a Premium Blend of Agave Nectar derived from organic Agave Salmiana (White Agave) and organic inulin from Agave Tequilana (Blue Agave). This combination results in the highest quality nectar with the best taste, best Cooking Qualities and the most Health Benefits of any nectar on the market; making our nectar the perfect sweetener for all of your cooking, canning, and baking needs. Your foods will taste better while saving calories and our nectar can be simply exchanged for sugar or honey in any of your favorite recipes (see Sugar Exchange Table). A natural and healthy substitute for sugar, brown sugar and honey makes our nectar perfect for everyday use in coffee, tea and cereal. Avoid “spiking” your blood sugar levels with this naturally low Glycemic Index Food (approximately 30) and feel the difference. Our nectar contains no artificial additives or artificial sweeteners and is processed at very low temperatures that qualify it as a raw food. Organic & Kosher certified, we are 100% confident that you will not only taste but feel the difference.”

So, if you would love a chance at this excellent giveaway, take a jump over to Green and Crunchy for all the details to enter! Contest closes Sunday May 9th at Midnight - so Hurry!

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