Wednesday, May 26, 2010

W.I.P. Wednesday : Doll sweaters

So I missed out last week, since I finished my first baby doll sweater Tuesday afternoon before the baby doll's mama (aka Lizzy) came home from school. I also quick whipped out a reuseable mop cover for our "swiffer" mop (its not the swiffer brand, just like the wet mop though), and got that done too that evening, so, no actual wip last Wednesday. Here is the finished sweater:

pattern link on Ravelry: Pull-over for 16in Waldorf Dolls

But this Wednesday, I have another doll sweater to share. It's the same pattern at the first, only I learned a lot of things on the first one, I changed for the second. First, since there is no gauge listed, since not every 16" doll is the same, the first sweater was SO HUGE i ended up knitting it longer into more of a dress (that really could use a pair of bloomers, since the hem rolls up). This time, I didn't knit as many rounds to make the top part, hoping to narrow the sweater a bit. And while it worked, I likely could have taken it in a bit more, but this is still better then the first. And while both yarns are 10ply worsted, this yarn is knitting up tighter then the first did, I imagine my next one will be made with sport weight.

I'm hoping to sew some little shorts and make some felt shoes, and warp this all up for doll mama's birthday next month. If I had more time/ambition, I would make them matching sweaters, but I don't see that happening this time! There is always Christmas!


  1. Oooo!!! That's is SO COOL!! I"m trying to find patterns for Cabbage Patch Kid clothes, but I'm not as talented as you, LOL!!

    Also, was the mop cover knit or crochet? If knit, linkie pleasie!!! :D

  2. Oh my dear, dear Lisa - there is both crochet AND knit!!

    knit rav linky:

    crochet rav linky: