Monday, May 17, 2010

Menu Planning Monday - May 17th

Lots has changed in the last week. Wednesday, J had a job interview, and I lost my job the same day. Now that we're really pinching pennies, meals will be a frugal as possible. BUT, I want to keep moving towards a more healthy trend in eating for the kids... more whole foods, less processed crap. And we'll still be attempting a new recipe once a week (hopefully foods they haven't tried before, or at least eat-out favorite made better at home).

Monday: Breakfast (pancakes, strawberries, eggs, toast... maybe muffins too)

Tuesday: Grilled Cheese and soup

Wednesday: Over to a friends house (with a full day of baking goodies too!)

Thursday: homemade Pasta night

Friday: Mac & Cheese (likely not - i'm just really uninspired right now!)

Saturday: Lunch:
Dinner: Pizza night (still looking for a "new" way to try this Saturday night tradition)

Sunday: Baked Ziti

As always, head over to I'm an Organizing Junkie for more meal planning blog links!


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  2. Hey! Try these two recipes. Our FAVORITES! One is French toast and the other is (soft) eggs with asparagus. Very yummy!
    Also - for pizza night...we've been buying (Wegman's..2 in a pkg for like $3) Naan Bread. The kids each make their own. (the smaller girls share one). I LOVE it with olive oil drizzled on top, some basil, a little fresh moz. cheese & then top with large chunks of tomatoes! XO