Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meal Planning.... Thursday?

After a week of hurting my back and ending up with a high fever, it's great to be back and feeling semi-normal... whatever "normal" may be!! So a late start and posting the blog entry, but here is our menu for this week. One of these days I'll post the recipe for my 1-pot chicken and rice dish that we all love, but for this week, our new dish to try for the week is featured with recipe links on Sunday.

Baking: Not so much this week - as i'm planning a big bake day with my friend Joanne next Wednesday (as much coin flipping for which day!), but if i get ambitious, i want to try Strawberry Scones and French Breakfast Muffins.

Monday: Pasta

Tuesday: Chicken and Rice

Wednesday: Sub sandwiches

Thursday: leftovers/fend-for-yourself night

Friday: breaded chicken patty on buns, veggie sticks and fruit

Saturday: lunch: PB&J Blossom sandwiches
dinner: Pizza (the cheap frozen kind - we seem to like them the best!)

Sunday: Coconut chicken wings, vegetable lo mein

And as always, for more meal planning ideas, stop over to I'm an Organized Junkie!

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