Thursday, July 22, 2010

30 day Blog Journal - Day 22

Internet connection stunk yesterday, so we'll play a little catchup here posting yesterday and today's 30 day blog posts (can you tell, i want them to be DONE!)

Today's Yesterday's topic was - a website

Well, that's vague enough, isn't it? I visit LOADS of websites! I am sure anyone who reads this, does also.

So, where does that leave me in writing this? I don't know. It would be simple enough to list my most frequented website (facebook) and call it a day. But what sense is that? I think this challenge is more then just the simple 1 word answer (or maybe it's not?). So, instead of the most well known page in my bookmarks to list - I'll go with what i think maybe be a relatively unknown know to the vast majority... Ravelry.

Now, for anyone in the know in the crochet and knitting communities, KNOWS this website. Mention it to anyone who is not (or is not married to one who is), and you get the blank stare of death.

First - this site rocks! When it first was started, there was a month plus waiting list to get approved as a user - DANG! it was the longest time in my LIFE (ok, maybe waiting for my babies to be born was, but you get my point, right?)

The website is basically a social community for those who are into fiber arts (crochet, knit, spinning, etc, etc...). You can search for patterns (there are THOUSANDS, both free, and paid), join groups and post on their forums, and even catalog your projects, yarn stash, have a queue of items you want to work on, and favorites from other users. You can friend other users, and even buy and sell among them.

Personal - I LOVE seeing my WIPs (work in progress) and cataloging my FOs (finished objects, as often what I make, I give away.I've gotten private messages left asking who I've made something (just last week, is was the beards on knit gnomes I made 2 years ago).

So - that's the website I am sharing with you. If you are into fiber arts, or know someone who is - share it! And if you join (it's free!), feel free to look me up on there. My user name is kjoslyn78

Stay tuned for our next topic, a YouTube video.

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