Saturday, July 24, 2010

30 day Blog Journal - Day 24

I already know I hate this post. Our next topic is - where I live.

So why do I hate it? Where I live is quiet depressing, even though as a family, we make it work. But I still dream of when we can FINALLY move from here... that day can not come soon enough.

So, where so I live? In a motel efficiency room.

Despite the total lack of privacy, it's actually a quite workable room. We have a huge main room, a good sized kitchenette, and then 1 full bath. That's it. We have 1 dresser, a queen sized bed, a recliner love seat, 2 desks and a tv stand in the main room. We blow up a queen sized air mattress at night, and 2 kids sleep there, and 1 on the love seat.

In the kitchen, we have a full size fridge (ours, the room came with a dorm sized one), a shelf that holds a microwave (theirs) and our toaster oven and a space for 1 other small appliance (usually, my frappe maker). We have 1 lower cupboard that holds the skillet, the griddle, electric kettle, and various pans. Another long shelf holds out dinnerware and cups. We have a storage cube set up to hold dry/canned foods, and on top of the fridge holds 2 crock pots. Yeah, we have a LOT of kitchen appliances here, but without a proper stove/oven, with all those we really make do in having more then microwaved meals all the time.

Thankfully there is a nice big grassy area for the kids to play in... and ironically, we are not the only family here. Another family of 5 shares another room, smaller then ours.

I can't complain. We are all here together, and while this is not ideal, we really make it work for us. Staying in this community has been important to us. We have actually looked to move away, and all attempts have failed. I don't know if its density or God or what, but i truly feel as we are meant to stay here.

But I still long for a bedroom that is not also the living and dinner space, and not shared with 3 children, and a proper kitchen (how I MISS really baking!).


  1. I hope you get to move soon. Last year we moved out of state and are renting until our house sells. I cannot wait until I can plant flowers, paint rooms and make a home my home:) Best of luck:)

  2. exactly! I hope you are able to get resettled soon yourself.

  3. I pray you are able to move soon! We had to move out of our home for 3 months! Thankfully my parents let us live with them.

    Have a great week.

  4. I am doing this 30 day blog journal as well.
    There is something to be said about living so close with family..Growing up when we moved one time we had to live with my grandparents...the memories I pull to mind is not of how crowded the house was with 7 of us, but the fun times we had doing things together as a family.