Friday, July 23, 2010

30 day Blog Journal - Day 23

So close to the end - I can taste it!

Today's topic is a YouTube video.

Again, how vague.

I have only 1 cool video to share. My son recorded it last march in our old apartment. He was not quiet 3 at the time.

He's so funny.

Join me again tomorrow when i post about where I live.


  1. I'm popping by from NFF by TT and TGC. I cannot believe the 30 day challenge you're doing. I don't think I'd have the discipline to blog AHHH!

    You have a really cute blog.
    Pop on by sometime.

  2. thanks! I admit, i haven't blogged every single day. I missed a whole week for vacation at the beginning of July! Plus the occasional day here and there. I'm surprised though that I have stuck with it this long! LOL