Wednesday, June 23, 2010

30 day Blog Journal - Day 12

Well, this is an easy topic, considering I have OCD! Mostly I am thankfully that it doesn't rule me to the point of needing medication to control myself (think excessive hand washing till having sores and bleeding, not leave w/o checking the stove 1,000,000,000 times, etc). Most of my OCD habits are space defined and food related.

So, to pick just one, I'll pick a easy one. I have to chew food equally on both sides of my mouth. If I take a bite with the left side, I then do so on the right side. If I pop 4 green M&Ms, in my mouth (because I could never pick up M&Ms randomly), I automatically chew 2 on each side... and don't get me started with Reece's pieces! I eat 3 on each side at a time, 1 of each color, for as long as I have enough to split them up so. And so on and so forth....

Yeah... weird right? And that is just 1 OCD trait I have.

So tomorrow I'll be back with a fictional book, I'll pick something I've read recently.


  1. Oh yay! I am not alone as far as the m&ms thing. I must eat them by color, but two at a time; one for each side.

    I am not sure where it stems from, but it's kinda funny to see other people make faces at the way I eat m&ms.

    Oh, I am a visitor from The Girl Creative's Friday Follow.

  2. Yeah! When i worked overnights as a CNA, the charge nurse for our unit would laugh when i ate Reese's pieces - LOL - and the faces she mad, you think it was disgusting rather then odd! Oh well!

    Thanks for visiting!