Sunday, June 13, 2010

30 day Blog Journal - Day 2

Today's topic - your favorite movie.

Oh joy - this is almost as hard to narrow down as music!


Again - I'm going to go with limiting myself to 3 choices. Really, one of my favorites is a series of 6 movies, and well, we cant have taking this all up... not when there is so many others out that to enjoy!! So, for "categories" we have favorite series, favorite comedy, and favorite drama!

Movie Series: The Star Wars Saga

Comedy: The Waterboy (but man, there were SO MANY choices here!)

Drama: Steel Magnolias (The Color Purple would make a close 2nd though)

Come back tomorrow, where the topic will be favorite television show!

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  1. The Water Boy is sooo funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.