Saturday, June 26, 2010

30 day Blog Journal - Day 15

Yeah! The half way point in this journey though a 30 day blog journal!

Today's topic: Your dream house.

like I haven't been thinking about a dream house for.. oh.. DECADES!

Now, when most people describe their dream home, it's huge. Ginormous even. My idea though, it a lot more down to earth. I don't believe bigger is always better, and homes are blew up since I was a child. Too large and impersonal. I want a small, cozy... home.

Anyone who has thought of a small home, may have heard of the The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

This is a company that specializes in tiny and small homes. Many of the homes are even built right on trailers! And while I wouldn't want a house THAT tiny with a family (100 sq feet or smaller), but small home is what I have in mind.

Lucky me - they make some "bigger" houses too! And I have had my eyes on their B-53 design for as long as I can remember now.

Their biggest stationary house to date, the B-53 is a 2 bedroom house, at 743 sq ft. There is the option for a 3rd bedroom, making the total 837 sq ft. But if you look at the plans, it does not seem lacking to me! The bedrooms are plenty big, especially the 2 upstairs (the add on one is slightly smaller), and while the kitchen seems small, for some, I grew up in a tiny kitchen with not much more space then the fridge, stove/oven unit, sink, and a couple of cupboards and zilch counter space. I love the built-in kitchen booth, and you could even expand the space if you decide to build this over a full basement, rather then a simple foundation.

What isn't there to love there? I already know that I would like the exterior to be some fake log looking siding, and as much real hard wood inside as humanly possible, maybe not full walls, but 1/2 wall, have drywall maybe. I'd like to paint a little too. Solar power/heating as much as possible... and then sit this on some acreage with plenty of trees, and land to garden.

Now if i could only win the lottery :-D

Come back tomorrow for... a song that makes me cry. oh joy *insert sarcasm here*

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