Monday, June 14, 2010

Menu Planning Monday - June 14th

So, I love the look of this new MPM button, with the fresh fruits, and a real picture of them, rather then clip art. It's so refreshing! It's helps remind me that we are now entering the time of year for lovely local fresh fruits and vegetables from our local farmers market!

I'm going to try and expand my very limited taste of what fruits and vegetables I like (SO glad my kids take after dad in this regard!), picking something new to try each time we go. This past week I picked up fresh strawberries, plum jam, and baby spinach.

And, we have birthdays! My lil' guy turns 4 Tuesday (where or where did the time go?) and Sunday will not only be Father's Day, but the middle kiddo turns 7 (YIKES!).

So, without further adieu...

Monday: Baked Teriyaki Chicken with rice and steamed broccoli (using breasts and not thighs this time)

Tuesday: Birthday Boy's choice! I have a feeling we'll be having McDonald's...

Wednesday: Pesto pasta

Thursday: BBQing

Friday: BLT Salad

Saturday: Lexi's end of year Girl Scout Picnic, time not set yet, so not sure what we'll have.

Sunday: Father's Day (dad's choice of lunch) AND Birthday Girl's dinner choice!

breakfast puffs

"hot pockets"
PB &/or Jelly
mac and cheese

Make sure you swing by I'm and Organizing Junkie for more info on MPM and inspiration from other bloggers!

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